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A Community of Christian Authors Engaged in a New Way of Writing, Editing, and Publishing

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Should I Publish a Book?

Should I Publish a Book?

Who should publish a book? Ideally, every preacher and teacher of God’s word. But here’s a more important question: what does it mean to publish a book?

What is 19Baskets?

What is 19Baskets?

What is 19Baskets? Here is an introduction to the vision for a network of preachers and teachers gathering up the fragments of their ministry into writing.

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Our Philosophy

Writing Benefits Ministry

We believe that writing improves our precision in how we handle God’s word.

Gather Up Your Fragments

Gathered Up Fragments

We believe that preserving the products of our study and prayer has innate value.

Value ≠ Sales

We believe that the value of writing isn’t defined by the number of copies you can sell.

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